Column Flexible LED screen curved

    Column Flexible LED screen curved presentation

    Our flexible LED display were design specifically for this project. Our designer team collaborated with our structural engineer so they could create the perfect Angled LED display. They had to calculate which size should the can be, what materials and which pixel pitch to use, so the can would resist to the weather conditions and possible shocks during the event.

    Structure Column support flexible screen LED

    Column display at Kunsthalle Mannheim Museum

    Introducing the flexible, high-quality flexible and curved LED display. With this innovative “warp around” screen, the design and display possibilities are endless. Columns, rounded walls and curved surfaces—create impact you’ve never been able to before.

    Nowadays many architects want to make their buildings look more attractive and unique, so they prefer to use curved rather than flat screens LED to better fit into their building architecture. Thus we have developed a revolutionary “FLEXIBLE & CURVED” module that can easily fit into any wall shape, while preserving all the properties of a normal Led screen.

    Our flexible and curved LED panel can be used in locations where large, heavy and fragile paneled displays are impractical to install or projection systems are unlikely to work. Visit our flexible products section

    Column view up mirror flexible