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Our Chinese office have been opened to control locally any of our production. We have a team of European, American and Chinese LED engineers that will ensure production will be exactly as ordered.

We have a strict Control quality process:

Street Co‘s quality assurance is fully participated in the process of quality control, and quality control is divided into several steps. Our local office team will always be there throughout the complete process of the from design to installation.

Quality Control is one of the most important steps of a project as this step consist in making sure that the newly created product will be exactly what as been created.

Our office in China performs all Quality control for LED display to be re-dispatch to the other offices Street Co’. See details about our China’s office.

Our staff in china had a fully extensive training on Quality control to make sure , and work instructions can be carried out strictly , after finishing each process, the QC department need to inspect products according to the initial order and instruction, in order

Production Process Control Street Co’ will make the entire operation instructions of production process, which includes:

Advanced Quality Control Processes for LED Display Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are safely considered to be one of the most energy-efficient light sources and LED display products are, therefore, always in high demand. Most of the millennial consumers have become skeptical about their purchases and LED display products are no exception. LED display manufacturers face a lot of challenges when producing high-quality products in the rush to cater to millions of consumers. Here are some of the most advanced ways to ensure the LED display products matches the highest industry standards.

LED Circle display chicago schematic plan


Are you looking to purchase LED displays from china?
How do you really know about your suppliers? about the consistency of the product?


Even if you do manage to get the BOM (Bill Of Materials) released, how can you fully ensure that what is in that list last will actually go into your display?

Those are some of the questions we will covered through our local chinese office composed with
LED engineers
Sourcing specialist
LED techniciens
the Street Co’s highly experienced team not only test all incoming materials, but will also advise and improve upon all aspects to enhance your products, then guarantee that the products you ordered are manufactured and delivered on time and to the highest standards. By keeping everything transparent we ensure not only all your expectations are met, but you will also get the best possible prices.

Product Sourcing
Supplier verification
Due diligence check
Product search
Price negociation
Sample preparation

Order Monitoring
Sampling process
Order validation
Merchandizing control
Schedule follow-up
Daily communication

Manufacturing control
Prototype development
Control system test
Mass production control
Online monitoring

Factory acceptance test
Component supply
Physical dimension and
attaching system testing
Screen performance
against specification
Bill of Material / Bill of
Conformity test

Check the cabinet mechanism

The testing process involves monitoring the quality of the cabinets. The parameters of QC inspection for the cabinets include checking welding strength, painting quality, finishing, labeling, etc. The inspectors also need to ensure they find out a solution in case of any type of probable failure like rebuilding or modifying the cabinets.

Screen assemblage testing

The main purpose of this test is to make sure the screen assembling process is perfectly conducted. It starts with assembling the screen on site. Here the inspection process includes detecting the gaps, simplifying the assemblage, testing the hanging and lock system, and checking the aesthetics of labeling. In case of any issues, the manufacturers are supposed to re- assemble the screen and rebuild the cabinets again.

Control System and Image rendering tests

After the screen installation process according to the normal cabinet configuration, control system and image rendering tests are conducted. The testing is conducted on the basis of parameters including rcg/.con files and quality of the image/video. If required the rcg/.con files are subject to modification accordingly to the test results.

Brightness, calibration and uniformity checking

Factors like brightness, calibration and uniformity forms the basis of a high-quality LED display screen. The QC inspectors check the brightness limit of the screen, evaluates the uniformity in RGB and white models, and check the quality of the mask. If the QC process reports any issues, then the manufacturers can recalibrate the screen, rearrange or change the masks accordingly.

Checking on-site full white

An aging test is conducted at a full white range to test the performance of the screen. The testing process includes monitoring the image, heat dissipation, reliability of the soldering, and color consistency.

Water-proof testing

An end-to-end waterproof testing is conducted for the outdoor cabinet to ensure no water infiltrates the screen, particularly for the front face.

Check the spare parts and other specifications

From vetting the spare parts to testing the detailed specifications, a thorough product monitoring is performed. The inspection includes testing the wavelength, color temperature, diffusion angle, and other spare parts.

Packing and shipping

This test is important to make sure the product is not susceptible to any damage during the transit activities. The monitoring procedure involves vibration check and resistance of the wooden boxes and flight cases. After the packing process is completed the shipping documents are reviewed with the packing list to avoid discrepancies during shipping. The review process is again subject to modifying the documents and changes in packing.

Le contrôle qualité Street Co’ Street Co’ has for objective a fully client satisfaction by delivering quality products

schema project order to installation and maintenance of module led screen

Feel free to pop into our office to meet our tech team. We will take you for a tour in one of our factories partners.

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