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Cowboy – Le Bon Marché

Cowboy - Le Bon Marché

ceiling led transparent

Client: Cowboy

Cowboy is a high-end electric bike brand that is spreading in Europe.

Cowboy reinvents the connected electric bike.

From the very first pedal stroke, it’s all about driving intuitively. The motor’s power senses your strength and adjusts the speed according to your needs. The carbon belt runs smoothly, just like the asphalt in front of you. An unsuspected freedom in a city that is more rebellious than expected.

ingredients such as fruits, vegetables but also herbs, flowers, essential oils and vegetable oils (excluding of course palm oil which is devastating for the environment).

Context / environment : create a new space with a display ceiling led

A new Cowboy store is opening in the center of Paris in the sublime Le Bon Marché shopping center. The brand decided to develop an atypical place with subtle digital touches such as a round transparent LED screen!

For this, Cowboy called on the architects at Ciguë.

Who is Ciguë?

At the crossroads of architecture, design and installation, Ciguë reactivates archetypes to produce contemporary worlds.

Its projects are crossed by experimentation, the nudity of the devices and the radicality of collage.

Bringing together a team of 20 people in Montreuil, the workshop is the theater of elaborations of places and materials. By de-hierarchizing the scales and by decompartmentalizing the know-how, Ciguë reconciles our way of living the world and of building it.

Solution to install a ceiling led transparent

Selected by Ciguë for the digital part, Street Communication will work on a custom solution to reproduce exactly the drawings received. The architects proposed a concept seen nowhere else: a transparent, round LED screen installed on the ceiling above the brand’s latest electric bicycle.

In addition, the video content of this screen broadcasts in real time the weather in the city of Paris (sunny, cloudy, etc).

Ciguë decided to borrow 1 sq meter of the screen we had in our Parisian showroom to do all the necessary tests and conclude that the chosen solution was the right one.

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of a 3 meter diameter round screen using a P3.9×7.8 LED product.

The resolution of the screen is 768×384, which is enough to broadcast what is intended by the marketing team and with a transparency of 73%!

A ceiling support structure is also studied at length until the end of the project to achieve a perfect result and integration allowing the client to see only the part desired by the architects.

Components of the project:

  • 7sq2 Transparent P3.9×7.8 – O-Clear Series
  • Video processor VX4S
  • Nova Receiving cards
  • Structure: 40×20 profiles / Suspension with stainless steel tensioners and steel wires
  • Matte black finish

Challenge to install a ceiling led transparent

The biggest challenge for Street Communication will be the cutting of the cabinets, which are usually 1000mmx500mm.

Following the new design, the screen is composed of 9 pieces that will have to be assembled on site.

The client also wanted us to run a metal cable between 2 LED stripes to hang the latest bike model they are promoting. So we had to unhook an LED stripe to pass this cable through without damaging the LED screen.

Impact : to set up a ceiling led transparent

When the potential customers of the store will enter they will face the new model of the brand of bicycle and will find themselves at the same time immersed in the Parisian sky.

The video content is handled by the studio Bonjour LAB.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date: 2022

  • Location: France, Paris

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: Cowboy

  • Team: Street Co’ + Street Co’ Shenzhen

Engineering of ceiling led display

Quality control of ceiling led display

Final result of ceiling led display

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