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Architectural Ceiling LED strip for TD garden Boston

Architectural Ceiling LED strip for TD garden Boston

ceiling led strip

Client : TD garden using a ceiling led strip

Starting back in 1995, TD Garden is known for being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, arenas in the New England region, hosting over 3.5 million people annually. This arena is located in what is the very centre of Boston, Massachusetts.

It’s the home for city champions such as the Boston Celtics and Bruins and it hosts hundreds of events such as concerts and shows annually as well.

The owner of TD Garden, Delaware North, has successfully completed the first phase of its two-year plan expansion of the two-decade-old arena. With over 100 million dollars in private investments and funding, primarily by the Jacobs family, they have been able to provide an extension of 50,000 square feet of space on all levels of the arena. This has been known as the “Legendary Transformation”, hoping to bring experiences for new and old generations.

Context / environment

For the first time in 24 years, TD Garden has a front door with a fitting grand entrance directly from Causeway Street through The Hub. The atrium entry provides two new escalators, an elevator and stairs for guests to access TD Garden’s entrance on the newly-renovated Level 2 where we have installed our lighting solution systems.

The interior design is all thanks to the works of Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects, providing the concepts and designs for the renovation.

TD Garden’s management team and Standard Electric sub-contracted Street Co’ in order to provide turnkey lighting solutions for 1600sqft for the level 2 and North section of the TD Garden entrance.

The client has shared CAD drawings of the floor plan and the main objective was to use LED display the following:

  • Decorative lighting
  • Standard lighting

Therefore, our lighting solution was the only one that could do the job.

The brief was simple and straightforward:

‘What is the best product to create a pixelated display throughout the entire ceiling of the 2nd floor of the new entrance of the garden?’

They also wanted to set themselves apart from all the ‘Deja vu’ entrances in different sports arenas. The client wanted to give the visitors a special experience, with a captivating ‘wow-factor’ right at the entrance of the building.

After a few brainstorming meetings, Street co proposed a few options to decorate the space with flexible digital LED mesh screens.

A Murphy, a company contracted for the project, managed the AV of the complete installation in the TD Garden renovation. Working closely with Street Co’, they have been able to accomplish the technical and physical requirements of the project.

Solution to install a ceiling led strip

When working with the LED mesh, the impact of the density of the array was something that needed to be taken into consideration. This helped to save money, especially as LED screens were not 100% compulsory for the project.

Street Co’ provided various options that will be presented within a Price matrix tab where the client will have a clear indication of what they are buying:

  • Resolution of the screen
  • LED lamps brand
  • Driver IC
  • Scan rate and grayscale
  • Density of pixel
  • Pitch
  • Range of the product: Eco / Standard / Premium
  • Lifetime
  • Type of connection between LED lamp brand and PCB board of the screen Golden / Wire / silver
  • Total Price

Thanks to these options, it has helped customers to decide the right options for them.

One of the solutions provided and presented by Street Co’s design team was to have a wavy shape for the ceiling as supposed to have just a straight ceiling. Thanks to this innovative design, TD Garden’s management team went all in.

Street Co’ also provided a C62 mesh product solution. This was applied to the product’s structured fixture system that Street Co’s own engineers have designed. With the help and support of aluminium structures that perfectly fit the shape of the ceiling, the screens can be attached securely.

This LED mesh flexible display would then be fitted and adjusted perfectly with the unconventional and fresh design of the new entrance.

During the project, Street Co’ has:

  • Consulted / brainstormed/ collaborated with Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects’ designers to find the best-suited hardware that fit both legal lighting requirement of the area, budget and end-customer requirements with several options as mentioned above
  • Price matrix showing: pitch, resolution, pixel density, quantity, price and result
  • Prototype stage to show customers an example of end result.
  • Detail execution plan with AutoCAD and DWG drawings
  • Engineering of the installation
  • Logistic, transportation and planning
  • On-site installation
  • Programming

The video content has also been provided by Street Co’s studio.

Materials & laboUr for ceiling led strip

  • Quantity for 1073.75 sqm
  • Dot matrix: C62-18
  • Pitch: 457mm or1’6″
  • Cree LEDs / 12pcs RGB +6 White
  • PCB – Black colour
  • LED Brand & Type Cree LEDs
  • Housing – Silver Alum – Cover – Milky or
  • Optical lens: transparent dome
  • Black Cable Pitch 456mm x 456mm
  • Power Consumption: DC24V / 3.88W
  • Control: DMX
  • Control System: 1: Processor Master Controller – Program Processing 1 unit
  • Sub Controller Street Co Standard DMX Controller, with 8 Outputs 5 units
  • Adaptor Data Adaptor, for Signal Transmission (6pcs for spares)
  • Color Resolution 8/16bits
  • Beam Angle: 120d
  • Weight: 96g
  • Certification: ROHS ETL UL CE
  • Operating Voltage DC24V
  • Ingress Protection: IP66
  • Fire Protection Rating: UL94-V0
  • Operating Temperature -35-60 C
  • Lifespan: 80k Hours

The existing control system of TD garden are:

  • Pharos_LPC_X
  • 1012 Pathport 2-Port DMX RDM Gateway

The following steps took place:

  1. Designed construction plans for product and installation system/solution. Street Co’s team of LED product design, designer and engineer came up with stability calculations. 3D models, execution drawings and a few safe/convenient options based on the ceiling structure were shared during the project and for commission. This step has already started.
  2. Design of the fixation solution system It will take into account the weight of the LED and the capability of each beam structure without drilling on the concrete columns
  3. LED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the ceiling.
  4. Pre-assembly of LED modules at the warehouse
  5. Test in warehouse
  6. Product and solution adjustment if necessary
  7. Production and manufacturing
  8. Transport and delivery onsite
  9. On-site installation
  10. Video signal test
  11. Content management & broadcasting test onsite
  12. Training for maintenance
  13. Training for display

It took over 21 days to fully install the screens and support structures with a crew totalling 15 staff members. Those involved were the LED engineers, structural engineers, and the LED technician teams of Street Co’.

Challenge to install a ceiling led strip

During the project, there were a few challenges presented:

The structural fixation system was a REAL challenge as it was a completely different part from the LED. However, Stree Co’ teamed up with A Murphy to finalise and accomplish the structural installation.

While proposing a wavy shape, which was a complex design to work on with the structural engineering team, the layout had to be changed in order to accommodate for:

The bottom of a Bathtub located on level 4

    • Pilar columns
    • Fire sprinkle
    • Water pipes etc
  • The installation of the whole LED strips were about 500ft in length, having to cut some sections in order to accommodate onsite obstacles.
  • The control was also challenging to be plugged into the existing building lighting system design
  • The sample we initially made helped a lot for the onsite assembly.

Impact : set up ceiling led strip

With the LED flexible mesh and ceiling solution, Street Co’ provided TD Garden with their new LED lighting that creates a visually unique lighting effect for everyone entering the stadium. This system became a major impact for every customer that entered through the front door entrance. The ceiling became the canvas for a work of art, allowing the LED mesh flexible dot matrix a large display area that runs along the ceiling through the entire hallway (500 feet).

On the LED surface, a 5-minute moving image illuminates the hallway the colour themes of the teams:

All elements of the video content are native from the graphic charts of the clubs. It has become a wonderful work that surprises people and makes them smile. Customers won’t advertise anything on the ceiling display but will only use this medium for the branding of the related event: concert, basketball game, hockey game, etc.

It is used as a pure design element to embellish the area.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grasshopper /
  • Installation
  • LED display product/shape design
  • Video/interactive content creation
  • Technology System Design
  • Interior Design
  • Technology System Design
  • Prototyping


  • Date:  2019

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client:  Delaware North / TD Garden

  • Team:  Mamou-Mani –  Rema design – Street Co’ Paris + Shenzhen Offices

ceiling led strip

Engineering to ceiling led strip

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