NANOFLEX transparent flexible led

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high transparency
high transparency 1

nanoflex transparent flexible led
high transparency

Nano level metal reticular distribution. The min-width metal wire is only 10 000 nanometers. LED size is less than 2×2 mm, achieves the highest transparency of 93%


The nanoflex transparent flexible LED is soft and bendable. The bending curvature is up to 1200R, which is basically no affects on lighting evenness and visual effects.

40mm film led screen

super slim & light weight

Nanoflex transparent flexible LED

Screen thickness ≤ 3mm.

Weight ≤ 4kg/m2

good weather-resistance

Nano protective coating, provides good weather ability, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance.

good weather resistance
flexible dimensions

flexible dimensions

Nanoflex transparent flexible LED can be cut anywhere with any shape, and be joined seamlessly. Screen size and shape are flexible for different building areas and fixing points. For instance, triangles or ellipses.

easy fixing & maintenance

A single piece of LED sheet is replaceable, without complicated installation, but easy maintenance.


1. Facade Glass curtain wall

2. Glass Elevator, Guardrail

3. Showcase, cabinet

4. Creative artistic landscape

application nanoflex