The adhesive led screen boasts lightness, thinness and transparency. It is bendable and clipping. It can be directly stuck to glass curtain walls without affecting the original structure of architectures and indoor daylight. The screen is perfectly integrated into the glass when seen from a distance.

The major advantage of our Adhesive LED Display is its light weight, thinness, high permeation ratio and it is easy to install. Our adhesive LED Display product series adopts our self-developed bare die chip driver IC and light emitting chip that uses micron-grade light source.We install those components on PCB or FPC board which has high transparency rate.Through specially designed solid glue,the whole display unit is integrated into an optical light emitting lens base board,with a minimum thickness of less than 1mm-3mm.

to overcome the disadvantages of conventional led screen
  1. Super-light, Ultra-thin, Highly-transparent.
  2. Simple and beautiful appearance, to enhance the level.
  3. Clipping and bendable, to suit the arc structure.
  4. No components on the screen, hidden power supply, safe
    and reliable.
  5. Waterproof, fireproof, anti-collision, not fear for outside disturbance.
  6. The principle of pinpoint heat dissipation, strong heat
    dissipation, no thermal accumulation, long working life.
  7. Clean playing images, to save 30% energy.
  8. Static drive, high refreshing, high brightness.
  9. Easy installation without damaging the original structure of architecture.
  10. Quick operation and remote control.
  • This new product will remove al your previous experience of:

    • Heavyweight, complex structure and installation
    • View obstruction and black screen without transparency
range applications of adhesive led display :
  • Adhesive LED Display can stick on the building glass walls of the building. The ADs could be displayed on the Adhesive LED Display that stick on the city landmark building.
  • The stores glass windows along the street.
  • Banks, real estate, Car 4S shops windows etc. D. Subway entrance.
  • Brightization of city: along the fence and great buildings.
  • Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations. It can play the advertisement when it is turn on and can decorate the windows when it is turn off.
adhesive led display series now available for ordering

P4*8:transparent rate is about 60%
P5*10:transparent rate is about 68%
P6.5 : transparent rate is about 60%
P10 : transparent rate is about 70%
P16 : transparent rate is about 80%
P20 : transparent rate is about 85%