NS Facade LED Display High Transparency

High Transparency

NS Facade LED display series are designed for maximum transparency, high resolution and specific markets. They can be used for high impact retail stores, flagships, shopping malls and more premium locations. Mainly used for window fronts, sliding doors, wall partitions and other market verticals..

Description Product

NS series Transparent LED display, which can be used directly as glass walls, is mainly designed for luxury-brands advertising. With great transparency and high resolution, NS series is particularly suitable for premium stores and shopping malls…

(NS 2.6) Transparency > 72%

Our special design of the power component’s location, allows a better resolution and an unparalleled transparency
NS Standard transparent LED without the background
NS Standard Transparent LED no backgroung with paint

(NS 2.6) Resolution
is 67500 dots/ m2

Compared with similar products, the NS facade LED display 2.6 screen’s resolution is twice as high, which will give you the best content output

Optional heights:

2000mm, 2250mm, 2500mm and 2750mm
NS Standard transparent LED optionnal Height

Technical Specification

Model LED Brightness (CD/m2) Pixel Pitch Transparency Avg.Power (W/m2) Max.Power (W/m2) Display resolution Resolution Display size (WxH) (mm) Cabinet size (WxH) (mm)
  NS2.6 SMD1515 5000-5500  2.6lx5.68  72% 240  800 384×352 135168 1000×2000 1009×2200
384×396 152064 1000×2250 1009×2450
384×440 168960 1000×2500 1009×2700
384×484 185856 1000×2750 1009×2950
  NS3.36 SMD1515 5000-5500 3.38×6.94 78% 240  800 296×288 85248 1000×2000 1025×2200
296×324 95904 1000×2250  1009×2470 
296×360 106560 1000×2500  1025×2720
296×396 117216 1000×2750 1009×2950

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