NR Facade LED Display for rental application

NR Facade LED Display
Rental Application

NR Facaded LED Display Series best features are easiness, rapidity of assembling and dismantling, amazing cable management (data and power combined solution), making them the perfect solution for events and renting situations. Facade

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NR-rental standard transparent Led serie-Assemblage

Easy and quicksetup

NR series,designed with easy assembly and dismantle,is the best choice for culture and entertainment events.
  • NR Facade LED Display has an easy servicing or assembling / dismantling.
  • Unique fast and easy tool-less locking system design.
  • Our die-casted aluminum design ensures precise cabinet dimensions.
  • Customized quick plug and perfect cable management solution (Ali in one Data & Power)
  • Suspended or standing installations are available.
  • Each cabinet can be removed or installed individually either from front or the back.
NR Serie standard transparent LED


IP Ingress Protection waterproof level, quality assurance
NR Serie standard transparent LED Waterproof

Technical Specification

ModelLEDRésolution (dot/m2)Pixel PitchCabinet size (WxH)(mm)Cabinet resolution



Max.Power (W/m2 ) Avg.PowerTransparency
NR3.3 SMD1515426243.38×6.94 1000×500(1000)296×72(144)5500~600080024078%
NR3.9 SMD1515 327683.91×7.81 1000×500(1000) 256×64(128)5500~600080024080%
NR8 SMD192116384 7.82×7.821000×500(1000)128×64(128)5500~600080024080%
NRlO SMD19219216 10.42×10.42 1000×500(1000)96×48(96)5000~550080024085%
NR16SMD19214096 15.63×15.63 1000×500(1000) 64×32(64)3000~350050015090%

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