LED Display Retail
Store Facade Serie

NJ LED Display series is specially designed for the demand of window advertising of Retail store, accroding to the size of the glass, select the right modules with different sizes to be spliced together into a screen, keeping high resolution without affecting its transparency of the glass window.

Product Description

NJ facade LED displays

For window advertising of retail store

Brightness of rentail store screen

5000~6000 nits

Our customized SMD1515 LED These new small size custom designed lamps will give our products more transparency, better heat dissipation and resolution, ail in keeping brightness and the NEXNOVO known stability

Easy and quick installation

NJ LED displays frameless design

Frameless design

NJ LED Display has a Horizontal Frameless Design, keeping high transparency of the display, the display is barely visible from 3 meters away.
NJ trasparent LED display 2
NJ standard transparent LED assembling cabinet no background

Assembling cabinet

rental store screen with multiple heigh

500mm Multiple height

Multiple Height and size specification are optional for different kind of window facade

Technical Specification

ModelLEDResolution (dot/m2)Pixel PitchCabinet size(W * H) (mm)Cabinet ResolutionBrightness
Max Power
Avg Power (W/m2)Transparency
NJ2.6SMD1515675842.61X5.68813×500312×88 4500~5000 800 240 72%
1000×500 384×88
NJ3.3SMD1515426243.38×6.94813×500240×72 4500~5000 800 240 78%
NJ3.9SMD1515327683.9lx7.82813×500208×64 4500~5000 800240 80%

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