Isky series
led curtain screen


Isky project series has Isky-N series (no tube) and Isky-T series( with tube). Street co transparent led screen display is a kind of innovative transparent led display, which does not affect the building space and building lighting. It has successfully realized commercial display, built new retail, new experience, and new business forms for smart cities, and integrated smart quotient into modern city.

Pixel Pitch:

Isky-N: P3.9-7.8, P7.8, P10.4, P12.5, P15.6

Isky-T: P10.4, P12.5, P15.6

Transparent led screen isky
Super Transparency | 75~90%
Side emitting, make the transparency over 90%
Transparent led screen isky super-transparecy-7590

High brightness display, visible even in strong light, small-angle brightness loss, each side has different highlights

Transparent led screen isky high-brightness
details show
Transparent led screen isky
details show
Transparent led screen isky details-show
maintenance show
Transparent led screen isky maintenance-show

Isky series LED Curtain Screen