true black smd

Effectively absorb stray light
Extremely High contrast
Low gray image good effect
Display effect rich and delicate
The contrast 3000:1
High brightness

black shell smd

Direct sunlight brightness not enough
Over brightness at night cause Light pollution
Low gray image and poor effect
Indoor small current driver affect the grayscale effect
The contrast 1000:1


〉True Black SMD High Contrast
〉Black Shell SMD High Brightness
〉Calibration Memory in Module
〉Tool-Free Maintenance and Tooless Ring
〉Extremely Flat with Big Viewing Angle

Fandom Standard Outdoor LED

  • 240 X 240 Module Size
  • Die-cast Outdoor
  • 480 x 960mm
cabinet view

Cabinet: Width: 480mm; Height: 960mm; Thickness: 120mm; Weight: 24kg

Module Width: 240mm; Height:240mm; Thickness: 20mm ; Weight: 1kg

sport perimeter
flexible installation