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Multiple Structures, Multiple Options

ULS – indoor outdoor screen

Multiple structures and multiple options – -5°~+10° curve & 90° corner and dance floor

Easy-to-use modular design – easy installation and quick maintenance

Serial design – various applications and multiple uses

Application scenario
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ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen
Corporate event

uls indoor outdoor screen -5°~+10°

ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen


A real seamless corner with no visual dark line even from a close distance.

uls indoor outdoor screen Floor

With very simple additional accessories, the standard cabinet can be used as a floor. More options, more business opportunities!

ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen

Typical And
Special Solutions,
Wide Application


Lighter weight and better thickness control of our cabinet with fast locks make hanging more efficiently.


Rigid and strong stacking frame ensures the stability of installation.

Installation &

The new lock design enables quick installation simply by one person. For either stacking or hanging, it can achieve self-locked by simply one click.

ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen


Modules and power box are modular design, easy to replace .

Indoor magnetic models enable quick front/rear service.

Outdoor models with 4 screws and magnets balance the service, flatness and safety.

uls indoor outdoor screen Standard Design

With a highly standardized design, the different pitch models share the same cabinet frame and power box.

Easy to manage spares and services.

ULS indoor outdoor screen
Pixel Pitch indoor or outdoor LED

Serial Design
Meet Various

uls indoor outdoor screen Two Cabinet Sizes

ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen

Memory On

The memory on module function is integrated into the design on all models of ULS series for easy configuration when replacing modules.

Super Lightweight

It’s not about being the lightest in the world. It’s about being as light as possible with no sacrifice in performance. At merely 12kg per panel for outdoor 500x1000mm, the ULS outdoor series still reach up to 5,000 nits brightness, with superior flatness.

ULS indoor outdoor screen
ULS indoor outdoor screen

Scenarios with
uls indoor outdoor screen

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