SMMD Media Mesh Display – The all-in-one solution

SMMD Steel Media Mesh Display provides a union between state of the art LED display technology from Street Co’ and durable stainless steel mesh structure that come both from Fratelli Mariani & Anping Licheng Metal Wire Mesh.
SMMD is a woven Durable stainless steel mesh wire from Fratelli Mariani & Anping Licheng Metal Wire Mesh combined and equipped with LED mesh / strip display that transforms building facades into unique, transparent screens for vivid, large-scale media.
SMMD system provides a hugely diverse range of stainless steel cladding and LED profile options,that can broadcast videos for an endless range of advertising or creative applications.


SMMD Steel Media Mesh Display is a custom-made media solution which will be designed to meet the need of each individual media facade project. The choice of LED pixel pitch, LED lens as well as various coloring options creates a media experience with specific brightness, resolution, transparency and visual appearance.

SMMD The all-in-one solution mesh facade
SMMD mesh led structural facade


  • The IP67-rated LED profile system is suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments
  • The range of LED profiles can offer brightness options >10000 cd/m2, suitable for day, evening and night-time viewing
  • The horizontal LED pitch is from 25 mm or 50 mm, other upon request
  • Each slim LED profile has a height of only 14.2mm, and a depth of 24,66 mm
  • The thermal operating range is between – 30 C / + 60 C allowing project installation on a worldwide level
  • The maximum LED profile length of 3 meters is designed in conjunction with the mesh width
  • Beam angle 120° x 120° (adjustable by lenses)
  • LED Type Cree, Nationstar, Kinglight, SMD RGB or DIP346
  • Click-on Design Cover & Changeablehousing color

The wire mesh elements and LED profiles are produced in various sizes to meet project-specific
requirements. Due to the flexible mounting system even the largest areas can easily be covered, e.g.
combining different SMMD Steel Media Mesh DisplayR pixel pitches or the facade will be equipped
partially only. The clip system also allows LED configurations to be added to the mesh after initial
installation, therefore enabling upgrades to steel mtal mesh facades which have not originally been
equipped with LED profiles.

LED mesh structural SMMD
SMMD led mesh street co

general specification

  • There is no limit in the total screen size
  • Dimensions of each individual strip is customizable 3 meters max.
  • The transparency varies, depending on LED pitch, resolution and mesh type, from 20% to 75%
  • Viewing distance always depends on the media content to be displayed, overall size, surrounding
    brightness and expectation but is starting from 15 meter and can reach several kilometer
  • The video server could be DMX, Art Net, Asynchronous or Synchronous LED display sending cards
  • The PSUs as well can be installed in different locations to follow project specific conditions
  • Stainless steel is the preferred basic material for the wire mesh and the clips
  • The weight of the system is negligible as the tension load of the wire mesh is in general higher than
    the dead load itself. It varies, depending on mesh type and LED resolution, from 8 to 20 kg/m
smmd led mesh street communication structural mesh choose your pitch


smmd led mesh color structural mesh

triple wire mesh

Comprised of three steel warp wires and a round horizontal bar. It is suitable for producing media display façades

JSW-M3810 street co led mesh structural


Material: Stainless steel Diameter: 2mmx3 / pitch:80mm/ weight: 6.6kg/sqm / open area: 64.8% / Mesh thickness: 7mm

JSW-3831 street co led mesh structural


Rectangular wire mesh comprised of horizontal rods vertically linked by a group or 3 or 4 ropes, which great product flexibility.

CORDS street co led mesh structural


Material: Stainless steel Diameter: 1.8mmx3 / pitch:80mm/ weight: 6.5kg/sqm / open area: 65.3% / Mesh thickness: 6.6mm