Mesh Screen C1 PLUS


Pixel mesh is a high transparency, quick installation, easy maintenance, light weight and flexible mesh screen, which is suitable for different creative media façade projects. The pixel pitch can be customized based on project requirements (30mm-160mm).

lighting performance

High brightness pixel mesh, visible daytime, suitable for various media solution; color resolution 16bit, makes the picture more delicate and smooth; built-in electronic drive with over-temperature overload protection;


Transparent housing, transparent wires and clips, maximally improve the permeability of the screen; flexible mesh and hard mesh 2 kinds of structure can meets different project requirements, can be curled, can be customized; the installation structure is simple.


leds are available in TTL control or monochrome, with 8 output ports per controller and up to 512 full-color pixels per output port.

C1 Mesh-P62.5mm

LED 1PCS | Red620nm-6*800mcd

DC5V | Green520nm-6*1200mcd

160W | Blue465nm-6*430mnd


Light Intensity:1.428cd

V 0°/133.1° H 0°/130.5