3D Light Sculpture

LED Mesh 3D Light sculpture

3D Sculpture is designed to be used as backdrops in public places. Hexagonal honeycomb shape design with metal housing, highlighting the 3-dimensional hierarchy. All parameters can be customized, such as housing color, LED color, white color temperature, RGBW.

light display

With IP67, anti-UV, V0 Flame retardant, Class III electrical safety level. All these ensure it to be a reliable solution for outdoor façade lighting projects.

lighting performance

Intelligent astigmatism with metal mesh cover, creates uniform and soft lighting show. Each Hexagonal is 9 pixels. 16-bit Color Resolution ensures the exquisite output. Built-in electronic drive, with over temperature and overload protection.


Housing is Die Casting Aluminum Alloy, with surface color ferry treatment. Integral honeycomb shape makes 3D vision feelings. Power and signal cables are all inside at bottom.


Both DMX and on/off are available

3D Light Sculpture

LED 54PCS | Red620nm-6*800mcd

DC24V | Green520nm-6*1200mcd

10W | Blue465nm-6*430mnd


Light Intensity | 1.428cd

V 0°/133.1° | H 0°/130.5°