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Outdoor Floor Stand U1500P


  • The Outdoor Floor Stand U1500P series semi-outdoor window display is a new style of digital window display in 2020. You can choose to install the type suspended from the ceiling or standing on the floor. With slim design and frame, and high brightness for application, the window LCD display shows its unique beauty. The hidden power outlet and WiFi access make the appearance more attractive. It is the best purchase option for LCD display windows.

  • The color of each digital display window is factory calibrated for outstanding color reproduction, and the semi-outdoor window features high contrast and superb image quality. LED backlighting is much more energy efficient and provides a brighter image than traditional CCFL backlights. With a resolution of FHD or UHD, the Outdoor Floor Stand U1500P provides a super sharp image and incredible detail so we can read the text easily.


  • Shopping window application on it
  • flexible installation floor standing or hanging
  • High brightness screen options between 1500nits – 3000nits
  • Excellent performance for heat dissipation
  • Super elegant design with simple but smooth frame

Reference Dimension

  • 43″:1760*570*80mm (H*W*D)