outdoor Dual sided
full glass l800p

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  • The L800P is a double-sided, all-glass outdoor advertising display with high-brightness LCD screens on both sides. This style is generally large in size, which is perfect for large-scale outdoor applications, and the all-glass design is suitable for some high-end locations. A good auto-brightness display and temperature control can ensure that the display screen operates normally for a long time while maintaining high performance. The sealed glass doors on both sides of the outer LCD screen can perfectly protect the inner LCD screen, and the special opening design is very convenient for daily maintenance and repair.
  • The double-sided outdoor advertising screen has a multitude of application functions, such as remote control of the product. The material of the dual display screen is also selected from the high durability materials, which can cope with some bad outdoor conditions. High-level protection ensures maximum protection of the LCD screen itself. Its affordable price makes it an excellent value product, and it is your best choice.


  • IP55/IP65
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Support open door maintenance
  • Double sided screen design option
  • One side screen and one side light box design option

Reference Dimension

  • 75″: 2250*1030*300mm (H*W*D)