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ik10 full glass bus202

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Bus202 series


  • The BUS202 series is LCD Hanging Bus LCD Display. Through our innovation, the appearance of the LCD video wall display can be as thin as 13 cm, which is lighter than the previous models. The ultra-thin body makes it easy to transport, move and install. The hoisting ring design makes the LCD display screen easier to install and the suspension is firmer. According to the actual needs of customers, additional touch functions can be customized. By adding “outdoor touch”, it can be easily made into an interactive touch screen. Support remote and local monitoring through IP addressable user interface. The Bus202 series providing 2000-3000nits of light, has a good display effect, and is an excellent choice for outdoor public places.


  • IP55/ IP65 & IK10
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Support front maintenance
  • Ultra thin thickness up to 13cm
  • Support landscape and portrait screen mode

Reference Dimension

  • 43″:1140*800*130mm (L*W*D)
  • 55″: 1450*1140*130mm (L*W*D)