indoor mirror
display mi220

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  • For the creation of this special LCD display MI220 that having it looked like a mirror, cutting-edge ‘Reflections’ technology has been used to transform the mirror LCD screen into a display screen of indoor kiosk, so that displays images can be reflected magically through the optical mirror LCD display glass. When the display device is switched off, the Mirror LCD Screen LCD display surface would revert back to a normal mirror. As the biggest advantages of this product of mirror LCD screen MI220, Silver mirror and gray mirror are available and it is also equipped with a sensitive motion sensor option that indoor mirror display MI220 would start working while you wave lightly in front of it.


  • Silver mirror and gray mirror are available
  • Sensitive motion sensor option
  • Full-screen displays when one’s out and zoomed out one approach

Reference Dimension

  • 43″: 1178*630*1030mm
  • 55″:1308.2*731.9*1301.6mm