indoor interactive
touch kiosk ik110

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  • 4 styles of diverse fashion design are optional in the interactive touch kiosk. Users are allowed to choose a suitable style to satisfy their own requirements. As a touch screen LCD display and LCD Interactive screen, this Indoor interactive touch Kiosk IK110 are supported great functions of the high compatible system and way finding application solution, which is going to fit in the shopping mall, office block, and hospital beautifully, looking to prevent complicate procedures for clients.
  • This interactive touch screen is developed to offer convenience for users via its unique function of interface including the 10 points touch and IPS displays. Furthermore, its impeccable smooth radian its suitable for the tremendous super market whose location is a high-end line.


  • Perfect smooth radian
  • Reinforced base
  • Sensitive multi-touch screen
  • High compatible system
  • Way finding application solution

Reference Dimension

  • 32″: 1101*780*521mm
  • 43″: 1152*1030*521mm
  • 49″:1140*1180*1140mm