IP65 Waterproof Design if series floor


if series

Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm/3.9mm/4.4mm/5.2mm/6.25mm

As a brand new digital ground display device, Street Co’ floor screen adopts video synchronization control to achieve a high-resolution and complete the perfect combination of stage virtual environment and performance interaction. With the high-strength steel Glass masks material and solid die-casting aluminum alloy support devices, IF series LED floor display solution has been widely applied in commercial squares, large-scale entertainment activities, and digital media, etc.

high precision

High precision

fast response

Fast response

easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

high reliability

High reliability

high protection

High protection

high precision with the modular design & seamless splicing

The 500 mm x 500mm die-casting aluminum structure ensures the seamless splicing of cabinets.

High Precision if series floor led
Front Maintenance if series floor led

front maintenance

The magnetic fixed design of module significantly enhances maintenance efficiency. The imported high permeability PC material of the module mask also guarantee the color consistency.

high reliability

The bottom design of the screen makes the weight bearing up to 2000kg/m2

High Reliability floor led if series
IP65 Waterproof Design if series floor

front rear ip65 waterproof design

The IP65 standard can be reached via the aqueduct inside the cabinet frame

multiple touch points

The interactive reaction time can reach 0.01s through the 16 groups of sensors inside each module.

Multiple Touch Points if series floor led
if series floor led games

meaningful interactive games

Combining with a variety of exclusively developed interactive games, the screen tends to be more vivid and immersive