vmq series

vmq series


Floor tile screen LED display

  • Super Compatible
  • Extremely efficient
one applies to all vmq series

One applies to all

  • Universal cabinet fits in various VMQ modules of different pixel pitches, exceptionally friendly for product upgrade and cost saving.

excellent display as always

  • 3840Hz refresh rate, smart brightness and chroma correction, 160° wide viewing angle and quick response to dynamics pictures contribute to exquisite presentation as always.
excellent display as always vmq series
flexible and efficient install vmq series

flexible & efficient installation

Wall mount, stack or hang VMQ LED video wall panels in total thickness ≤100mm and with fast interlocking.

  • Wall mounting
  • Stacking
  • Hanging
  • Concave Splicing

more pleasing finished outlook

  • Internal wiring without exposed cables stabilizes signal and electricity transmission, and meanwhile generates a more pleasing appearance.
more pleasing finished outlook vmq series
convenient maintenance vmq series

convenient maintenance

  • Support complete front and rear maintenance to save your space.