Koala Serie
Economy Displays Solutions


– Position Guiding Magnets
– Collision free-Egde, protecton Design
– Nitrile Rubber Push-Pull handle Lock
– Integrated Smart Control Unit
– Locking hole for supporting strut

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LED Fine Pitch front and rear maintenance
full & rear maintenance

Front service design, faster maintenance and replacing within 5 seconds

wireless connection

Wire and wireless connection (optionnal configuration ), dual signal and power supply ensure 7*24 hours uninterrupted working

LED Fine Pitch wireless connection
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– Quick Lock and Cableless Connect
– Large Vent Hole
– 8:9 Aspect Ratio
– Corner Locating Pin
– Ultra-Handy Carbon Fibre handle
– 2- Point Side Locks

LED Fine Pitch Synchronization technology

Our screens / Conventional screen

synchronization technology

High-speed motion stitching without misplacement.

LED Fine Pitch High dynamic digital image technology
hdr technology

High dynamic digital image technology is more realistic and restore the screen display effect