cover indoor led mwall series

mwall series


  • Pixel Pitch : 1.9/2.6/2.9/3.9/4.8mm
  • Module Size: 250 x 250mm
  • Cabinet Size : 500 x 500 x 65 or 500 x 1000 x 65mm
  • Operating Environment : Indoor
indoor led mwall series 1

mwall series – indoor fixed

Open a new horizon of indoor fixed installation. 

Thin and light cabinet, higher flatness, with the excellent viewing experience, able to mount on the wall. 

nice appearance

Indoor LED Mwall Series : Beautiful and elegant cabinet design, and the ergonomic handle design is convenient and fast to install.

nice appearance
higher flatness

higher flatness

Adopting integrated aluminum alloy die-casting cabinet, it is lighter and ensuring the accuracy of the cabinet.

Module positioning with magnetic design and the PCB fits the cabinet frame, reduce the accumulated error of the bottom shell, and improve the flatness.

high stability & high reliability

Indoor LED Mwall Series:

  • Module HUB board and receiving card are all coupled and hard-connected, which is more stable and safe.
  • The fire-resistance rating can reach V-0
  • The bump-proof boss design at the bottom of the cabinet, protects the lamp beads and reduces bumps.
high stability and high reliability
indoor led mwall series excellent viewing experience

excellent viewing experience

Indoor LED Mwall Series

3840Hz high refresh rate; 9000:1 high definition, high contrast between light and dark, the display effect is excellent; 160° super wide viewing angle, eyes friendly even at a close distance.

heat dissipation system

The cabinet has an excellent self heat dissipation system, the heat dissipation is even, ensuring the screen to have long service life and excellent display effect.

indoor led mwall series heat dissipation system
cost saving indoor led mwall series

cost saving

With test button, able to test each tile before installation. The cabinet and control box is compatible between different modules under different resolution. Cabinet thickness is 65mm, weight is only 5.2kg, able to mount on the wall, save installation cost and space.

easy to install & maintain

Module: magnetic fixation; cabinet splicing: screw fixation splicing.

Adopted fast lock structure (optional), faster to install;

Support ground stacking, wall mount, and embedded install, more installation options;

Front access, easy to maintenance

indoor led mwall series easy to install and maintain

wider applications

Customized the power cables, data cables, curving angle and connectors. Curve angle up to 10°, realize multiple application.

Application scenarios: hotels, schools, shopping malls, multi-function halls of entreprises & institutions, conference rooms, various sports venues, stations and terminals, etc.

indoor led mwall series wider applications