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GX Series ultra-light

The GX series Ultra-Light LED signage display has the highest cost performance, achieving the best balance between minimizing budget and meeting quality standards. Of any LED display boards for advertising, GX Series deserves to be your initial choice. Match-in cabinets with diverse sizes and standardized universal modules enable users to achieve the needs of their daily operation. And the Street Co will create the greatest value for you. Cabinet size drawings help reduce the numbers of processing and hardware in each cabinet, ultimately reducing manufacturing costs. In addition to its simple design, it can also undergo a comprehensive frontal restoration, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance, makes the GX series an ideal choice for indoor advertising solutions in high-end retail stores and other places.


  • Multiple cabinet size options
  • Ultra-light & ultra-thin design
  • Multiple installation methods
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • More reliable
  • Intelligent module
sizes 1

1/ Any size you want

Variable installation would be available by a combination of cabinets in below 9 sizes:

  • 500 x 1000 x 47mm
  • 500 x 750 x 47mm
  • 500 x 500 x 47mm
  • 500 x 250 x 47mm
  • 250 x 500 x 47 mm
  • 250 x 750 x 47mm
  • 250 x 1000 x 47mm
  • 1000 x 250 x 47mm
  • 750 x 250 x 47mm

Which can perfectly meet the demand of installation diversity.

sizes gx series

2/ GX SERIES ultra-light & ultra-thin design

  • The GX series Ultra-light and ultra-thin design (thinnest 47mm) help to save greatly the space for wall mounting. In addition, Atrium and other lifting solutions would be available accompany with Street co’s unique hanging beam. The whole screen would be one beautiful pattern by viewing from the back.
ultra thin : ultra light

3/ Multiple installation methods

1. GX series Ultra-light supports both wall mounting and hanging installations. 

supports seamless

2. Supports seamless right-angle installation

supports flexible

3. Supports flexible splicing of 250*500mm cabinets

4/ easy service and maintenance WITH GX SERIES ULTRA-LIGHT

Hidden internal cable routing, easy to maintain and keep neat at the same time

more reliable : intelligent module

5/ more reliable

Redundancy on Power&Signal, safe and reliable

6/ intelligent module

The module has its own calibration data storage, which can automatically import the calibration data when changing the module.