GN series

gn series


Multi-functional led display, amazing display effect with great noise control, recommended for boardroom, specialty stores, meeting rooms, monitoring and controlling center.

gn series

High-end magnificent in appearance, concise and beautiful.

  • Pixel Pitch(mm)

2.5丨 2.6丨 3.1丨 3.9丨 4.8丨 5.9

  • Pixel density(pixels/sq.m.)

160000丨 147456丨 102400丨 65536丨 43264丨 28224

  • Brightness(nit)

900丨 900丨 900丨 900丨 900丨 900

Typical and special solutions Widely application

Hanging: Lighter weight and better thickness control of our cabinet with fast locks makes hanging more efficiently Stacking: Rigid and strong stacking frame , ensure the stability of product installation

Typical and special solutions gn series
curve gn series indoor


Curve Curve cabinet unique design. Testing the product of mosaic technology, Display extraordinary LED effect and visual perception.


Accurate Adjustment gn series
convex concave gn series

concave: Max 10°
Convex: Max 5°


Perfect solution to the column of LED display, multi-dimension exhibition takes more attention and benefit of the advertisement

gn series indoor led

Full front serviced

Front maintenance, no maintenance path needed each module is equipped with magnet cylinders, which connect the module onto the panel structure.

High quality cabinet

Ultra high precision CNC workmanship processing precision <0.1mm. Specioal seamless Connection design. Adjustable cabinet structure to control the gap within ±0.03mm

High quality cabinet gn series
gn series

Front maintenance,
no maintenance path needed

Each module is equipped with magnet cylinder, which
Connects the module onto the panel structure.

Right and left fast locked

There are 1 set fast locks on cabinet right and left side which can splicing two cabinet quickly.

gn series 2 indoor
Space Creates Possibility gn series

Space Creates Possibility

Multi-function/ Widely application/ Design for fix