Excellent mature Design

black led package design

Use black LED package to improve the contrast of the LED screen, so that it will not be in the dark case of other factors such as reflection of low gray display, enhance the visual effects of LED; peer in the small spacing, due to technical constraints, Mostly do not use the mask, so that in the dark case due to reflective and other factors affect the low gray display, visual effect is poor.

large perspective

Vertical and horizontal ± 80 degrees wide viewing angle, so that viewers in a variety of angles can get high-quality display.

using high-end s-pwm driver ic

The S-PWM is designed for the high refresh screen. The IC has a self-refresh circuit inside. Under the same circuit condition, it can greatly improve the displayed refresh value and grayscale effect. It can be applied to TV stations, stage and so on.

using board-to-board design (hard-wired)

The entire internal board-to-board design, light board, adapter board, system cards are used to connect the connector (hard connection), easy to disassemble, nice and reduce the cable caused by the failure, greatly reducing the failure rate of the display.

the really seamless stitching technology

LED screen can be any direction, any size, any shape stitching; compared to the rear projection and LCD splicing, there will be no differences between the unit brightness or splicing black joints, showing perfect visual effects; exquisite unit structure to ensure that the point spacing Consistency; screen uniform, no separation, no black line, there is no missing information, to achieve a truly seamless splicing screen

screen body ultra-light, uktra-thin, space-saving

LED display and rear projection advantage is that its rear maintenance space is small, generally within 0.8m, can be embedded in the existing wall, do not change the housing structure.

easy to maintain

Easy maintenance is the focus of the entire design considerations, the entire box are using a variety of internal screw, use a tool can easily remove the module, adapter, power and so on.