Standrad 55 inch
Integrated Displays

Front Service

35 Kg/M2 – effortless to move / install Ultra-slim Footprint The thickness of display is 55mm The whole wall mounted thickness is ONLY 80mm The most space-efficient display

Front Service

LED modules / Control boards / PSU are front accessible;
Replace a module in only 2 seconds.
Super high precise location point and dual-direction accommodating for modules, ensure super evenness even repeat assemble / disassemble, remove light lines.
Separate shipment of display frame and modules, modules could be installed on site, highly protects the module from destroy during the shipment;

Customization PSU for Display and Control System

Hot-backup and power redundancy. In case one of the PSU fails, the display will not be affected.
Ultra-slim, pin Connection, 2 seconds for PSU replacement.
DC transition, stable, reliable, high speed heat dissipation and energy-saving.
Wide-voltage output, AC90-264 V Over current protection / over voltage protection.

16:9 Wide screen ratio

A display with less connectors and cables, but only with one standard power input and one standard signal interface, Once it connected to the computer, it can automatically scale and displays. Slim and compact installation, like the whole installation is less than 80mm. Front service which allows to take the module off and put it back easily, but no affect the display;

Wide viewing angle

Close to V 180 / H 180 Degree, super wide viewing angle.

The color and brightness uniformity will not drop off when the display is viewed off-axis.

High Refresh Rate higher than 3000HZ.

High Contrast Ratio> 10,000 : 1

Patented silicon package lamps and the unique electronic design, make the display producing higher contrast ratios and deeper blacks than backlit technologies like LCD and cubes.


With the advanced calibration system “COLOR SPACE”. The display could be expanded after initial implementation. It helps to guarantee visual performance and consistency.

Completed16Bits Grey Scale Perfectly display performance even at low luminanceTest proofs that the display keeps with 16Bits grey scale when the display brightness declines to 200Nits.

Less eye fatigue, comparing with the common fine pitch LED display. Color Reproduction & Color.