flexibility & creative possibility

Curved angel degree: ±7.5°, ±5°, ±2.5°, 0° (curve system optional)

maximus creativity

Can be a flat screen, a curved screen, a corner screen, or all of them combined.

super lightweight

Only 13kg for 500 x 1000 cabinet.

one-man handling

Designed for absolutely one man handling and it’s very user friendly both for installation and dismantling

high brightness at low power consumption

The best contrast with matte surface, low reflection, the best gray scale in low brightness, the best uniformity in color

EI PLUS Flexible LED Display front and rear installation
full front & rear installation & maintenance

Front maintenance: modules and power box can be easily dismantled via the maintenance tool

rear & front maintenance

The magnetic power box cover can be opened with 2 seconds, maintenance efficiency is much higher.

EI PLUS Flexible LED Display rear module maintenance
EI PLUS Flexible LED Display Multiple application 2
EI PLUS Flexible LED Display Multiple application
multiple installation ways available
  1. Wall surface mounting to save space
  2. Stacking
  3. Hanging

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