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C Series

C Series

  • Cambered Splicing, Creative Application

Flexibility and innovation

Flexible for convex and concave formation, adaptable to different shape and efficiently meet diverse demands.

Flexibility and innovation C Series
Lightweight Structure and convenient delivery C Series

Lightweight Structure and Convenient Delivery

The cabinet weight is only 4,2kg and 18,2kg/m2

Metal Material and Fireproof Design

The whole metal case reaches EMC ingress protection, and guarantees superior heat dissipation performance.

Metal material and fireproof design C Series
Optional installation methods C Series

Optional Installaiton Methods

Magnetic installation or screw mounting.

Smooth Transition and Vision

Excellent pliability abd image splitting reduction, the arc is extremely smooth and creaseless.

Smooth transition and vision C Series
high efficient front and rear maintenance C Series

High-efficien Front and Rear Maintenance

The magnet maintenance tool helps the module to be remove from the front, and reach convenience maintenance.

Superior Image Quality

AOTO’s 8K 24 bit LED control system has the largest capacity, and highest color processing depth in the world. With super large 8K loading capacity, 24 bit color processing depth and super gray scale processing capability, with the best color reproduction and super high resolution, maximizing advertising impact and brand reputation.

Superior image quality C Series
HDR Wide color gamut C Series

HDR Wide Color Gamut

Through the HDR controller to adjust the gain and the parameters of our LEd color gamut, achieve the high contrast of showing performance with better color reproduction.

Fast installation, easy maintenance