The ‘Boost Experience’ – Branding through Interactive Technology

Interactive technology has come a long way since its inception with mechanized apparatus and automation. The simple concept which revolves around platforms that produce outputs that are specifically based on the input of users is rapidly becoming a trend factor across industries. The primary objective of most interactive technology platforms is generally focused on providing end users with unique experiences that differentiate brands from each other and a collaborative effort by Adidas France, Bonjour Lab & Street Communication did just that with the ‘Boost Experience’. The high-end event was unlike any other due to the unique conceptualization of the event that used interactive led floor panels that enhanced the visual experience of those who participated in this magnificently crafted event.

Exclusive Collaborative Effort

Adidas France that managed to rake up the demand for the event secured Bonjour Lab to come up with the visuals which were delivered through the interactive led floor display platforms that were supplied by Street Communication. The event enabled participants to perform feats that were recorded in high resolution and played back to the participants to review their ‘actions’ in high definition ‘slow motion’.

It was a ‘one of a kind’ event due to the unique ambience that was created via this collaboration which made it fun and exciting for those who were present. Interactive technology found a new niche in branding with this partnership between Adidas, Bonjour & Street Communication as they were able to create an unusual experience using tantalising graphics, strategic lighting and interactive touch points that delivered a solid unified brand experience in a futuristic atmosphere for the public.


The visuals that were used courtsey of Bonjour Labs were nothing less than mesmerizing as each visual panel was meticulously designed to capture and project the essentials of the brand to the audience with the sole intention of presenting the product attributes. The LED displays that were used and supplied by Street Communication were 5.2 LED display pixel pitch that delivered the final touch of exclusiveness to the visual aspects of the event.

– Production created by Bonjour Lab

The Adidas Boost Experience was made to promote the Ultraboost 19: the brand new running shoes.

Interactive technology


The use of interactive technology for events that are sporty in characteristic has never been taken to a point such as this before. Visitors were actually able to participate freely to realize the potential of the products in focus were utterly new to both consumers and the industry players, to say the least. Being able to do the urban trainers that express the movements on screen and highlight the distinct features of the boost running shoe was an incredible achievement with the regards to product representation innovations.

Visitors were awe inspired after being allowed to try on the shoes and ‘move’ on the interactive LED panel flooring that were installed in a unified space that was flanked by equally captivating visual projections. The magical sensations that were experienced by participants were observed to be nothing short of being euphoric and exhilarating.

Technical Terms













IP RATING (Front/Rear)




250 X 250

48 X 48

500 x 500 x 84

96 x 96



960 – 3840


140° / 140°

IP65 / IP65

13 KG/PC

i Series : Interactive Floor Display

Higher Splicing precision

The cabinet is made of 500 x 500 die-cast aluminium. With CNC matching process, I series can achieve seamless slicing and better splicing precision.

Modules front maintenance

Magnetically fixed module design, module replacement can be achieved within 3 seconds. It greatly decreases maintenance time and improves working efficiency.

Innovative mask design

The modules mask is made of imported high transparency and wear-resistant PC material, it has two major advantages :

  • Light transmittance uniformity is excellent, there is no color difference and color uniformity is well maintained in different viewing angles.
  • Excellent anti-scratch and anti-wear performance.

High reliability

Featured with point-to-face contact and support technology. It is loading capacity is over 2000kg/sqm, more reliable.

Front and rear IP65 waterproof

Include front and rear IP65 waterproof design, it can satisfy the use requirement in many applications

Interactive effect (multi-point touch)

Built-in with patented man-machine interaction system and 16 sensors in each module, it reduces the response time to less than 0.01s.


The Boost Experience was indeed a unique event that brought about the best of what Adidas had to offer by using the best people in the industry based on the response. The ambience that was created via the visuals and interactive mechanisms took most of those who were present by surprise as their expectations were well surpassed. From the very start, the aesthetics alone were extraordinary, to say the least, and when the interactive LED flooring, the playbacks and graphic visuals were unleashed upon those who were present. It overwhelmed them to a point of pure ecstasy that was apparent on the faces of every individual who was present.

This experience had certainly raised the benchmark for event conceptualisations and paved the way for how entertaining events could be made to be. However, it is also a fact that the people hired to do such creative and technical projects should be vetted thoroughly as there are not many out there who could do what Bonjour lab and street Communication managed to pull off with Adidas.

About the collaborators

Adidas France, Bonjour Lab, Street Communication

Adidas France does not require much introduction as the multinational corporation has a brand name that is listed as the most recognisable brand on the planet. The company is also the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest on the planet following closely behind Nike. This event was focused on Adidas Boost High-performance running shoes that were designed with performance in mind and comfort to boost (literally). Boosting features among which included :

  • Highest energy return from its midsole
  • Remaining dry in wet conditions
  • Sustained performance in any terrain
  • Unsurpassed cushioning innovation

In essence, it was a product that was deserving of such a high-end event.

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Bonjour Lab based in Paris is an exclusive studio that focuses on creative projects involving artistic implements that are fused with technological innovation that are interactive.

Their forte is within their ability to create or conceptualise experiences that involve both visual & sound projected through interactive platforms or tangible media that enhances cross-domain experiences for individuals like no other.

Bonjour Labs role in the Adidas Boost Experience was undoubtedly a critical success factor simply because the visual aspects of the event played the role of packaging and were as important in terms of aesthetics as the product itself was.

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Street Communication made it all possible with their hardware and technological infrastructure. From the functional aspects of their interactive LED floors that were responsive to the movement of participants.

These movements were subsequently projected on the wall LED wall in high resolution which was vital to the project.

The ability to fit these interactive LED floor screens into the oddly shaped floor and wall spaces with such precision was indeed a feat that is worth mentioning apart from the fact that the displays were seemingly seamless from any viewers point.

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