Arch flexible LED curved Presentation

Street Communication is an Arch flexible LED curved producer. We proudly build our own software & content for our Arch LED curved, guaranteeing client satisfaction. Street Communication deliver a full description to have the Arch LED curved ready to use for your specific application. Street Communication fully designed and developed our products to satisfait demanding customers.

For the program that will display on the screen LED, you can be as creative as you want – All you have to do is make your scenario. You can rent those ready to use rental solution for an interactive stage performance, or an eye-catching LED. No matter how you choose, Street Communication will deliver a unique and perfect system experience tailored to your needs, goals, system, and expectations. Street Communication will deliver an Arch LED screen you’ll want to stop and look at.

Hardware and programming adds on

We have a large amount of piece of program, script and software add-ons that you can pick and use with your LED system. Street Communication can make suggestions, depending on what is required for your System to do and we can also create custom software and hardware to support any unique functionality you may be interested in.

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