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  • Create Any Cubic Design. Versatile Creative Display. Superior Color Performance. Front Serviceable.
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Modular Cubic Display

Variable Cube Designs Join, Stack or Hang

  • Individual cubes can join, stack or hang.
  • Video is able to play independently on every side.
  • 3 dimensional cube designs dazzles audiences with style.
AirMAGICBOX Create interesting 3D Shapes Design
AirMAGICBOX Create interesting 3D Shapes Design

Superior Color Performance

  • High contrast ration over 4000:1
  • High color fidelity
  • Vivid image

Omnidirectional viewing angle

Extra wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Producing exceptional picture quality in all directions.

AirMAGICBOX omnidirectional viewing angle
AirMAGICBOX Create interesting 3D Shapes Design

Creata Interesting 3D Shapes

  • The flexible modular cubic design allows the cubes to be arranged and configured to produce interesting 3 dimensional shapes, such as a Great-Wall or a Roman Pillar Railing.
  • Simply build your 3D Design and populate it with magnetic docking modules.

Fast installation, easy maintenance