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Adhesive LED

Adhesive Transparent LED
Adhesive Transparent LED
Adhesive Transparent LED
Adhesive Transparent LED
Adhesive Transparent LED

All of us at one point or another during our childhood had our ‘run-ins’ with Lego blocks/ bricks that were basically interlocking plastic bricks that came in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. If we were to look back at that point of time, it becomes evident that the fascination we had over those little colourful interlocking pieces was the limitless possibilities that it presented. Our imaginations were fuelled by it; we could create anything we imagined because of the versatility of those pieces. These days, that same concept (the concept of versatile application) is an essential criterion for products simply because versatile products have more to offer than inflexible static products.

In general LED lights sustain their brightness for more than 36,000 hours despite being exposed to extreme conditions indoors, outdoors or even extreme temperatures, dust or vibrations. There aren’t many products in existence that are as robust as LED displays and at the same time offer a high level of flexibility or versatility. Lately, LED industry players have managed to raise the bar even higher on the level of LED product flexibility without the slightest compromise to their robustness with LED Adhesives.

Innovative Adhesive Led Displays

Adhesives have become a prominent part of our modern day lives and they too just like Lego blocks come in all shapes and sizes for just about any purpose that we are able to think of. However, getting the right adhesive for the right purpose and how they are configured into other constructs as some adhesives may be too rigid, some might have a high degree of elasticity whilst other might be able to offer increased energy absorption levels.

However, some companies such as Street Communication have come up with an ingenious way to combine adhesive technology to LED technology that simply creates limitless possibilities. The people at this company (Street Communication) are definitions of the words ‘creative and innovative’ put together as they have managed to come up with LED displays that are cured with adhesives. T

This means that these displays could be simply attached to almost any surface (however glass windows/ walls or translucent surfaces are the most suitable for these displays). Thus, it becomes possible to have just about any area/ part of a room/ venue regardless of shape, size or pixel pitch (1.5 mm, 20.0 mm or any pixel pitch in between) to be fitted with these displays with ease.

The Creation of Adhesive LED Displays

The particularity of is that the use can be very versatile. For instance, Adhesive LED Displays may be used as windows using smaller pixel pitch such as 1.5 mm that project visuals at much higher resolutions or even fitted as a roof (higher pixel pitch – lower resolution) or even as turned into a design picture.

The technical wizardry behind it that makes these adhesive LED displays as versatile as they are is owed to how the geniuses at Street Communication configured their display units. By placing the bare die chip driver IC and light emitting chip that uses micron-grade light source into specially formulated glue they managed to integrate the entire display unit into a single optical lens base board that is no thicker than 3mm. These adhesive LED displays have factored the ‘Lego’ concept by using flexible FPC or PCB material which could be cut up and adjusted according to the shape and size of the surface area (glass or wall) that it is intended to be on without any hitches.

Due to the micron-grade light source that is protected by transparent, high temperature resistant and anti-static waterproof membrane the LED lights and driver IC become practically invisible. The fact that there are no frames or body structure used for these displays make them even more appealing.


Now, based on everything stated above, one question that might just be humming in the reader’s mind would be ‘adhesive LED Displays are interesting, but what are suitable application scenarios’? The short answer would be ‘use your imaginations’, but a longer version would not just make this article more interesting, but it would also be more appreciated by the readers I suppose. These Adhesive LED Displays are able to serve ‘lighting acrobatics’ literally based on the fact that you could basically paint illuminated paintwork using them on transparent glass walls on an entire building across multiple-floors with them if you choose too. Based on the fact that Adhesive LED displays come in various pixel pitch sizes ranging from 3.6 mm pixel pitch right up to 20.0 mm pixel pitch, viewing distance issues are basically non-existent.

With 3.6 mm pixel pitch, optimal viewing distance is anywhere above 4 feet and with 20.0 mm pixel pitch viewing distance is optimal anywhere above 160 feet. Apart from that these displays are actually ‘physically flexible’ which means that they could be ‘stuck’ on most walls even if these walls or glass panels are curved waved or have uneven surface areas. Some of the trendiest stores in Paris have used adhesive LED displays rather very creatively as a ‘pull factor’ on their store glass façade. This is because these displays seem to not fail in catching the eye of the passers-by and while they look at these illuminated light arts, they cannot help, but notice what is inside these stores.

Key Facts

To wrap this write-up, we have decided to summarise the key facts about the Adhesive LED Displays that Street Communication has to offer:

  • Adhesive LED Displays are ‘physically flexible’
  • They could be attached to almost any type of surface
  • ‘Size’ of the area DOES NOT Matter
  • ‘Shape’ of the area DOES NOT Matter
  • Multiple Resolution Options
  • Robust

One last fact to readers who loved Lego bricks when they were young, Adhesive LED Lights are definitely MUCH BETTER THAN LEGO BRICKS!

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