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Street Co’ has had over two decades of experience when it comes to LED display screens. We are a team LED specialists composed with:

  • LED engineers
  • Build specialists
  • Content designers
  • Structural and electrical engineers

All under a single roof to provide The best product solution at the best pricing. We take care of everything from A to Z, from inspiration to Installation and service. There is no project that is too big or too small for us.

With proper execution to provide the tools, skills, and experience to complete both design, construction, installation and service, we make sure to get the job done right. We work closely with many of our customers in order to build strong and lasting relationships and to ensure that a completed project meets or even exceeds all of our expectations.

Starting with a full site survey from our qualified structural engineer, we then produce detailed structural drawings for customer approval.

We pay very special and full attention to the site’s surroundings as well as its local environment and possible challenges that can be faced during the project.

Having decades of experience on all display systems in the market means we are able to fully implement and commissions not only LED Displays supplied by us, but also those supplied by others.

We’ve Been Building
For Over 15 Years

With a wealth of experience and knowledge of construction as well as integration within the LED display industry, this has given us a competitive edge in all aspects needed to deliver at the highest quality project within budget and on time.

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We provide global installations as well as an integrated service that benefits both your indoor and outdoor LED displays. We offer the following:

  • Creative solutions
  • Reliable products
  • Efficient services for LED technology
  • Cooperation with many architects, designers, engineers, and consultants

As part of an integrated process. All under a single roof.

With the benefits of Street Co’, here are some steps that we provide for you while dealing with these types of projects at Stree Co’

Inspiration, Advising, Proposition & Product Solution

Inspiration, Advising, Proposition & Product Solution
  1. With the help of our sales engineering team, we provide and propose various options that can inspire numerous variants of similar projects. This is also thanks to the help of the latest technology all in the assurance of customer service, loyalty, and choice-making in our projects, all prior to the inception of our projects

Pricing Matrix with Option ECO / Standard / Premium

Pricing Matrix with Option ECO / Standard / Premium
  1. With our pricing specialist team, they will work with more than 100+  factories with extensive sourcing experience. With their help, they make sure to provide many pricing options available to you. Each pricing varies according to the following: 


  • Iconic brand names for LED displays
  • Solid refresh rates to use
  • Variants of driver IC brands
  • PCB 🡨🡪Diode connexion (Silver, Copper, golden)
  • A outstanding lifespan of displays
  • High quality factory assemblage


  1. Our objective is to be able to provide enough of a palette of pricing options that ranges all kinds of budgets, be it high or low.

Site Survey

Site Survey
  1. Produce an overview/oversee of any possible challenges, be it local or abroad for screen installation(s).
  2. Locating best locations for LED screen installation.
  3. Validation of Screen dimension
  4. Validation of the support structure according to the subtract: concrete – brick – gypsum, etc)

Structural engineering drawings validation

Structural engineering drawings validation
  1. With a strong team working on design, structure, mechanical, and most notably, technical challenges combined with vast experiences. This means we offer designs that are both complementary and aesthetically pleasing to the environment and structure. All in compliance with our country's regulations.
  2. We provide the following:
  • An attaching system and support structure as well as a detailed DWG
  • Precise calculations
  • List of materials to choose from for utility

Quality Control

Quality Control
  1. Here at Street Co’, there is strict conduct of quality maintenance and control.


Provide traveling and product management to and from any site with any size available to us. Traveling includes sea or air freight.


  1. While working with either custom installations, our LED engineering teaming will make sure to design and develop the right product and send it over to one of our suppliers in our Shenzhen's office for overseeing and management. This is all in the name of both quality and efficiency and so that each product is tested carefully and maintained with the best quality in mind. 

Product / Supplier Sourcing

Product / Supplier Sourcing
  1. Here at Street Co’, there is no need to produce the LEDs. However, since we contain extensive experience on the matter, we have the best knowledge of which product and supplier fit the best for the installation and budgeting requirements. 

Electrical & Signal Diagram Validation

Electrical & Signal Diagram Validation
  1. Electrical diagram:

    With our electrical engineering services, we provide full systematic designs, layouts, groundworks, and fully certified installation. We also provide any replacement, rewiring, testing, and inspection of all current LED displays available.
  3. Data Networking / Control room:

    We provide a turnkey solution for design, installation, and support of data networks for any system your display system may need and more.

Whether Fiber or Copper, WiFi, or GSM connectivity we can install the infrastructure needed.


We will provide pricing options to ship your newly produced goods from our production unit to your site. We can provide shipping and project management to and from any site with any size available to us. Traveling includes sea or air freight, customs duty and local transit.

Control Room Setup

Control Room Setup
  1. Installation of: sending card – processor – sensors cabling
  2. Configuration of the system to set video mapping
  3. Setup and pushing video content

Training On Using The LED screen

Training On Using The LED screen
  1. After installation and testing have been completed, we then train that team on both the software and hardware of the installation provided. This will make sure that you as well as your team has basic knowledge on how to switch on and off said screens. 
  2. This included performance and maintenance such as:
  • replacing receiving cards, modules, power supply, and cabling
    1. Automatically set up the screen at different times for day and night for the operating system. Training manuals and tutorial videos will be provided and sent for reference as well
    2. There will also be extensive training provided for content management software in which you will choose the mapping of your screen. 

Support / Service / Maintenance

Support / Service / Maintenance
  1. Several packages will be available for maintenance purposes. Our Service level agreements (SLAs) options to ensure you get the best support from your screens’ lifespan, giving superior visual performance and longevity. 
  2. Hotline – remote support available 24/7 with express onsite support (Less than 2 hours) For the more demanding industries or 
  3. Hotline – remote support available 24/5 with onsite support from half-day to 5 days 
  4. We will provide support remotely and if any request requires onsite maintenance, we will make sure to provide you with a technician within 12 hours to 5 days maximum, all depending on your maintenance contract for installation. 
  5. Knowing that you and your products are at the forefront of our company’s mindset, our customer service, and after-sales service is vital to provide you our customer loyalty rate. Here at Street Co’, we offer a world-class warranty program(s) with a minimum of three years free. The warranty can also be extended for up to seven years maximum with full support and services that will give you peace of mind. 
  6. We advise that the customer should at least purchase 5 to 10% extra modules to ensure having enough spare parts to cover 3-5 years of maintenance and performance stability for their screen. 
  7. We advise that the customer should at least purchase 5 to 10% extra modules to ensure having enough spare parts to cover 3-5 years of maintenance and performance stability for their screen. 
  8. We advise that the customer should at least purchase 5 to 10% extra modules to ensure having enough spare parts to cover 3-5 years of maintenance and performance stability for their screen. 
  • Replacement or failed electronic replacement
  • LED module with service community problems
  • Fixing dead pixels or any failed module
  • Color and calibration problems/repairs
  • Receiving card or sending card failure
  • Cabling or hue issues
  • Maintainment
  • Marketplace sell
  • Submission for ticket for maintenance or repairment

Site & Project Management: Client and Team Integration Management

Site & Project Management: Client and Team Integration Management

There are options in which you can choose from, ranging from what you need for us to take care of, and more.

Video Content

Video Content
  1. Investing in a big LED screen is useless without a fabulous/impressive video content made for it. With our specialized content design studio, our team has hardware expertise that can enable an understanding of any graphical and digital media aspect. This allows for more creative and unique content placed and made for your LED screen.

Our Mission

Street Co’s mission is to inspire our customers into choosing the best LED display that will fit:


We also have partners & distributors in most major cities, but we are mostly tailored to provide our service anywhere








“In a new construction project, the LED video screen was one of the last elements to go in, and we had the full install complete in only two days, which they greatly appreciated. Early on in the process, we brought the Landmark Theatre team over to our office to show them the power, performance, and reliability of a Street Co' LED video display, and once they saw its numerous advantages, they were absolutely sold.”
- Arthure Mamou Mani
Mamou Mani
“I initially had the misconception that LED video would be a more costly option, but once we started speaking with Street Co' and saw what the Flexible HD series could do, we knew this would give us the better ‘bang for our buck’ and the install looks absolutely amazing.”
- A. Doury
“When we started the design phase with Cornerstone it was understood that we wanted something unique and cutting edge to provide that WOW factor for our event. To meet our needs, we integrated the new Street CO' Curve wall into four seamless cylinders with media to match. The outcome was more than I could have hoped for— offering the edge that we wanted for the stage and allowed us to get creative with our product launches.”
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