7 Tips to chose the Right LED Display Screen

    Finding the right LED screens for your commercial purpose is a daunting task. Especially, when you have a variety of options, and you need to pick any one of them.

    Personalized LED screens are appropriate for various types of uses both- indoor and outdoor installations. All you need is to look into intentionally and pick the best LED advertising screen.

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    To make a decision on choosing the right LED/LCD display screen for your business, you need to ask the following questions to yourself like;

    • What’s the purpose of my installation?
    • Do you want to provide information or entertainment?
    • Is the advertising screen meant for attention-getter?, and so on.

    Consider environmental factors

    Before installing it inside or outside, consider the environmental factors. Like, for outside usage, you should know that not all advertising TV’s guarantee good readability in daylight. Matte displays are preferred for outdoor advertising rather than the shiny one, since they’re less inclined to splendid and glaring light.

    Choose the right size

    You have to consider that how large or small is the area where you need to install your advertising screen. The bigger the environment or space in which you’re installing the screen, the more captivating and enthusiastic the impacts will be with a bigger screen display.

    Another important factor to consider is the viewing distance from which clients will look at the digital advertising screen.

    Resolution – Full HD, U-HD or 4K?

    You should know that not every HD monitor fulfills the needs for the new HD versions. An LED screen can be promoted as a new version for HD. But, that doesn’t mean that the LED display gives all components up to the publicized HD version. So, keep an eye out if you find an LED screen and take a closer look at the description.

    Check compatibility with software and player

    It’s vital that all factors required for your advertising project are compatible with each other. That includes the product that you are using, your advanced media player, either as a built-in in the screen, or as a stick for a plug n’ play version, and obviously, your digital signage advertising screen.

    It doesn’t depend on the brand, but on the hardware. Often times different manufacturers offer identical hardware, and only the brand name is different.

    Analyze more than just brands

    It doesn’t rely on upon the brand, but on the equipment. Sometimes, different manufacturers offer identical hardware, and only the brand name is distinctive.

    In this way, remember that always analyze individual models and their details, not only the brands.

    Advertising screen – commercial or personal display?

    While picking the correct customized LED screen, think twice that for what purpose installation will be done. There are particular offers for LED and LCD advertising displays for business or personal applications. Displays that are meant for business application have benefited in many ways. All we need is to make a smart decision.

    Thus, above mentioned were the 7 important tips one must know while choosing the right advertising screens.

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