Why should you choose a Flexible LED display for your project ?

The assets of Flexible LED display over classic displays

The flexible LED displays that we provide are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. They were designed for businesses renting audio visual equipment and for those wanting to incorporate creative visual effects into concerts, live theater, shows and other events. It is also ideal for fixed installations that require a high level of flexibility, either because of the unique requirements of the installation space, like broadcast set designs, or because a customer requires a video wall solution that can be moved or transformed into different physical configurations over time. This level of flexibility, adaptability and ease of deployment makes flexible LED displays solutions truly unique.

Through thoughtful engineering and craftsmanship, they feature thin, lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber casings in modular designs to fit a wide range of simple or complex applications. The unique structural design of this product family has pioneered, patented and perfected the use of carbon fiber in the construction of LED video wall displays. You can bend it into any shape you desire, it’s installation is fast and easy, plus, the signal and power cables combined together allow a fast connexion. One of the main advantages of this display, is that it’s eye-catching; it is pretty rare to see flexible LED screens, shaped other than flat, it is always surprising and fascinating to the passers.

Milano Mango flexible led custom bespoke wave 1


Chose the best suited flexible LED display for your project

To be sure to get the best resolution, you have to chose a screen which pixel pitch suits the viewing distance you need. The smaller the pixel pitch is ( the distance that separates two LED ), the smaller the viewing distance will be. Here’s an explicative diagram to help you chose :

Indoor use :


Outdoor use :



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