Transparent LED video poster futur of retail windows advertising

Transparent LED video poster is the new revolution within retail industry.

LED video posters are a unique product that allows broadcasting advertising information day and night.

After the classic windows poster – It’s time to introduce the Transparent LED video Poster. This new advertising medium could fit to any industry which display classic windows poster.

The poster is simply applied behind the windows glass – No modification of the glasses is required and installation take only few hours. Poster is very light and has a complete futuristical design. This product is also easy to control remotely (With a tablette or mobile phone thangs to our cloud based application.). Our unique Transparent LED poster display helps creating advertising space right into your windows display.

On the below videos we can visualize the classic and dynamic LED Poster put together and clearly jump to the conclusion of Transparent LED for windows retail is the future of the Retail windows industry.

We also manage exciting Transparent LED that can be install directly on any glass of the stadium.

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Transparent LED Poster

Transparent LED Poster McDonald's