Transparent in-glass LED screen fully display

    Transparent LED screen fully display presentation

    Our mission is to introduce a revolutionary technology that transforms architectural buildings into powerful story telling media – disrupting architect design limitations and developer economic limitations.

    Street Communication created this product to leapfrog problems and limitations of existing media façade. This product is a media façade product that is generations ahead.

    In fact, it is the world’s only 4th generation media façade product that bestows building scale story telling capability to architecture, without destroying real estate value.

    This product has architectural standard durability with more than 99% transparency, low cost maintenance and easy content delivery.

    The innovation of using buildings for story telling

    Powerful stories are what makes humanity resilient and preserves our memory of experiences.
    We believe that buildings using this product are monumental to deliver these stories to the community.

    If your building investment can now influence people with powerful stories, you have just unlocked a new kind of real estate wealth.

    Behind transparent LED fully