Transparent LED display for Rive Gauche, Samara, Russia

    Rive Gauche, a famous Russian cosmetic retailer, trusted us and our designer team with a few of their stores in Russia.

    We first enhanced the St Petersburg store with some flexible LED display that created a long column and a voute above the escalator. For the one in Pyatigorsk, we installed two large transparent LED screens in the showcases next to the entrance, as for this one, in Samara.

    For this store, our LED engineer team worked for 5 days and nights straight in order to get the project done on time and to test the product before the store would open. The clients needed something modern, surprising and bright to attract and distract their customers

    Our team chose to use a pixel pitch of 5mm and, in total, 13 square meters of transparent LED display were installed

    Transparent LED screen enhance clearly your store, corner, office, by catching attention of passers.

    This technology is pretty new and still unknown from large public, therefore, it is surprising and stunning. It allows you to display incredibly creative videos, by playing with foreground and background, since it is 60% transparent, both sides appear and its an amazing playground for content video makers.

    Express yourself and give to your windows a brand new visibility !

    More infos on the transparent LED display here