Transparent LED display and transparent OLED for Broadway Malyan

Broadway Malyan approached us with an enquiry for some LED display installation in one of their mall.

They wanted to enhance several parts of the building in order to make it more attractive to passers and clients. They wanted something that was modern, surprising and elegant. Our designer team decided to propose several transparent OLED display to fix on the balustrades and on the elevator cage. They also imagined fixing LED displays on the staircases so that passers would be surprised straight at the entrance of the building.

Our engineer team chose to use a pixel pitch of 4.1 mm for the stair cases, so the distance of visualisation would be optimal, and would fit the budget. For the OLED display, they chose the latest OLED technologies that offer an important brightness and 60% of transparency.

There was a total of 252 square meters of LED display, counting 60 OLED panels and 30 fixed LED modules for the stairs.

See an exemple of OLED screens fixed on  glass and one a balustrade bellow :

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