Top 5 LED Display Trends for 2017

Let’s begin by saying that we are living in the new world of Science and Technology.

Look around and you will see that works of Science surrounding us.

These days, the technology is available to businesses as well at affordable rates.

There are many uses of LED like for entertainment, events, signage, home, business, art work, and so on. An LED video wall is a slim screen used for continuous, high quality, bright display.

From a business point of view, most of the companies use LEDs for conference, presentations or other indoor purposes.

There has been an expansion in the requirement for LED video wall produces since we see development in LED trends.

Flexible LED Display

The growth of flexible LED displays like, LED curtains, LED Matrix, LED  strip light, and so on, are of high-resolution, flexible rubber substrate that can create curves to the screen. It can quickly and securely attaches via magnets to any surface. It guarantees for a unique no-fan, no-noise design to attract attention.

UHD Displays

New improved image, 4K technology will meet needs for large sized, ultra-high-definition (UHD) screens in applications, for example, aviation authorities, where every detail counts, as well as war rooms and corporate halls. It offers ultra-high resolution with flexible LED products in the market.

Virtual Reality

It is not just for gaming, Virtual reality will become more popular in 2017. Retailers are more interested in using these developing technologies to assemble a more prominent benefit and increase customer affinity for the brand. Virtual reality technology is undeniably advantageous to customizing the customer experience.

Increased Return on Investment

LED video walls and screens make an eye-catching impressions, and showcase proficient capabilities and compared to a TV projection wall, maintain the brightness, with a 100,000-hour half-life. Amazing new UHD videos will allow branding messages and logos to seek attention at the time of HD tablets and smart phones.

More Intuitive and Artistic Designs

Merging the digital and physical worlds using the LED advertising screens, flexible and curved displays are more intuitive. There is the potential for significantly more imaginative engagements by both makers and the viewers.

Engaging customers is really very important! Include these trends in your next big branding and create customer-focused LED displays.