The world’s first giant robotic LED 3D screen in New York by Coca-Cola

On August 15, the world’s first and largest robotic 3D sign by Coca-cola went up in Times Square, New York. The billboard was designed using 1,760 LED screens, which gives the viewers a unique experience as never seen before. A shifting advertisement using depth and motion.

The LED screens can move independently of one another with programmed choreography. The shifting advertisement changes images with a motion like a slow wave of water, providing viewers with an appealing view in one of the world’s busiest pedestrian areas.

“Times Square is an iconic American landmark and the epicenter of outdoor advertising, so we wanted our new sign to be unlike anything ever seen before,” Katie Miller, vice president, Connections, Coca-Cola North America.

The Coca-cola company was awarded two record titles by Guinness World Records: ‘The Largest 3D Robotic Billboard.



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