Transparent and curved LED screen for Sina’s office, Beijing

    Sina is an online Chinese media company that enables Internet users to access professional media and user generated content (“UGC”) in multi-media formats from the web and mobile devices and share their interests to friends and acquaintances.

    They asked us to enhance their headquarters by installing an innovative LED display. We, at Street Co, and with our suppliers decided to create a huge LED display, using the latest LED technologies, to make an “eye”; a curved and transparent LED module, placed in the main hallway of the headquarters.



    This display fits perfectly the whole space that forms the office, with its glass and iron structure, the display adds an innovative touch to a place that is already modern and futuristic.

    It matches the office building’s design and yet, stands out whit its strong colors, brightness, and the rotative movement created specially for the display, that, along with the movement of the video, creates and endless distraction. It attracts people’s attention and allows the company to display news, commercials or useful informations to their visitors and employees.


    The Transparent LED screen features :

    A Pixel pitch of P6.5-P9.5 (H) P8 (V) a 80% transparency 6000 nits brightness a high
    refreshrate 188 square meters bight and clear colors a rotative system that, synchronized with the video,
    creates an impressive movement effect a very light weight to allow it to be fixed to the ceiling