Flexibele LED-display

Flexibele LED

Flexible LED displays are made of soft PCB and rubber material. It is extremely soft, can be made in any sizes and shapes for creative installations. it has a compact body design, 5mm thickness and magnetic connections . It can be fixed easily everywhere, including shopping malls, hotels, clubs halls, ect…

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Flexible LED ribbon 2

Hoge resolutie

Hoge resolutie zorgt voor een uitzonderlijke weergave prestaties en perfecte belichaming van ultra HD LED-technologie

Our Flexible product

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Flexible Curved LED Display

Extremely Soft & Flexible

Het is gemaakt van zacht rubber en kan worden gemaakt in verschillende afmetingen en vormen

Space Efficiency

5mm thickness for free installation without space limitations

Licht en dun

Saving 83% shipping and installation cost, it is also easy to maintain and replace

Flexible LED ribbon 5