Lightning installation design for El Corte Inglés, Madrid

El Corte Inglés, the biggest department store group in Europe is located in Madrid. It’s also ranked as number 4 of the biggest department stores worldwide.

Their team contacted us to design a lighting installation using LED screens. We proposed them different options, four to be exact together with our designer, Arthur and we came up with innovative designs that would catch any customer’s eyes. This would take the buying experience to another level and give the department store even more popularity.

El Corte Inglés is Spain’s only remaining department store chain, as well as owner of several associated businesses, such as:

  • Supercor

  • Hiporcor

  • Repsol opencor

  • Sfera

  • Optica 2000

  • Bricor

  • Viajes El Corte Inglés

  • Tecnologias de la Información y comunicación

  • Centreo de seguros y servicios

  • seguros el corte inglés

  • financiera el corte inglés

See drawings of our design proposition we made for them:



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