LED Wave Screen for Mango in Milan, Italy

We would like to share with you a recent installation we created for the new flagship Mango store in Milan, Italy. Mango was interested in creating a different type of experience for their customers and came to us for a solution. It needed the right partner to make their philosophy an architectural reality, and Street Communication was perfectly suited for this task. Mango knew that it needed a partner involved in the LED product industry, but other than that they were very open to us creating a design for them. Therefore, Mango gave our LED architectural designers and LED engineers lots of freedom to create a design that Street Co’ thought would fit Mango’s philosophy. We came up with the final result – a series of bendable and flexible LED strips creating a wave effect at the front of their Milan flagship store. The bespoke LED wave display is equipped with flexible LED panels of pixel pitch 6mm. The flexible LED panels extend up along a wall from the ground and curve along the ceiling. The screens display footage related to Mango’s new clothing lines. It’s difficult for passerbys to walk by without stopping to take a closer look at the installation.

Street Communication’s designers and engineering team have worked hard to come up with an interesting design for Mango using custom LED lights that will be visually stunning and technically progressive. Our aim was to electrify and freshen the store with an innovative LED design.

This project is a great example of how Street Communication combines progressive architectural design with flawless engineering to create an aesthetically beautiful installation. One observes the meeting point between design and engineering in the project for Mango.


Street communication is also specialized in other custom LED display screen.

Amongst our specialities you can find:

  • Flexible LED
  • Flexible Strip LED display
  • Curved LED display
  • Transparent LED
  • Architectural LED
  • LED display architectural
  • Column LED display
  • Cylinder LED
  • Donut LED display
  • Ceiling LED display
  • LED display screen
  • Circle LED
  • Custom LED

Client: Mango

Tasks: Design, design proposal, production and installation of the LED structure

Location : Milan, Italy

Dates : 2015