LED Screen on table custom

Hardware and programming adds on

We have a large amount of piece of program, script and software add-ons that you can pick and use with your interactive LED screen table system.

Street Communication can make suggestions, depending on what is required for your System to do and we can also create custom software and hardware to support any unique functionality you may be interested in.

A . Specially built for a shopping center – This transparent LED will get noticed in an elegant and sophisticated way. This medium associate Beauty clarity and functionality

B . Bring a retail store entrance alive in a way that enhances the brand, product and entrance. Getting notice in an elegant and sophisticated way. This medium associate Beauty clarity and functionality

C . Transparent LED display which could be stuck, to do what traditional display cannot do then ho help customer generate revenue

D . Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations. It can play the advertisement when it is turn on and can decorate the windows when it is turn off


When it comes to LED projects, our strength lies in consulting from A to Z.

Together with you, we define the action to take, and set the milestones to reach. Although each projet has its unique parameters, the last milestone is our standard aim : satisfied client

Key asset is ur free of charge technical support to all clients, to guarantee the most reliable solutions every day.

Screen LED table presentation

This special solution with high quality LEDs, controller and acrylate diffuse offers an option for every situation. An example of this would be a dynamic advertisement in retail or an eye catcher in an office space, but it could also be used as a table decoration in public space such as hotel lobbies, an exhibition stands.

Your LED table made of :

  1. Linear flex LED which surround and on the table : create different lighting experience in the same space. New generation flexible LED. Select from our extensive range of linear flex to suit your application.
  2. Screen LED on the table : has always devoted itself into the development of LED display, and LED the trend of this field with unique patented technology
  3. Scenario for the script of the animation. This is the most imaginative part of the process and we encourage you to dream big!

Fulfilled our clients demands by creating solutions such as transparent screen LED customized.



A . Adjustable color order.

B . Multiple dimming curve options

C . Unique solution

D . Limitless utility and elegance in every application

E . Produce modern with design futuristic

F . It has been designed to meet the modern needs of office environnement, events,…