Led screen 4.8 indoor and outdoor

Implementation custom and made to measure screen LED outdoor 4.8

Once your requirements are all cleared, Street Communication’s team will build a completely bespoke Screen LED to meet your exact needs, goals, system and experience expectations. This final phase also covers the physical fix or rental install.


A . The stores glass windows along the street.

B . Banks, real estate, Car 4S shops windows etc.

C . Subway entrance.

D . Brightization of city: along the fence and great buildings.

E . Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations. It can play the advertisement when it is turn on and can decorate the windows when it is turn off.

Hardware and programming adds on

We have a large amount of piece of program, script and software add-ons that you can pick and use with your LED Screen pitch pixel 4.8 system.

Street Communication can make suggestions, depending on what is required for your System to do and we can also create custom software and hardware to support any unique functionality you may be interested in

How does LED screen 4.8 indoor and outdoor technical side work?

We’ve added sensors integrated to the LED board which create an element to attract lot of people and their eye.

The LED screen 4.8 by combining an array of much pixels LEDs with a capacitive visual into a module.

Setup your Interactive LED screen 4.8. Collect your information?

  1. Physical space and dimensions to set up your LED screen pitch pixel 4.8
  2. Rental or permanent installation of the LED screen pitch pixel 4.8
  3. Scenario for the script of the animation. This is the most imaginative part of the process and we encourage you to dream big!

We offer advice based on our expertise on any steps you may need to consider to ensure a smooth Rental or Installation process. The LED screen pitch pixel 4.8 can be built to any size so let your imagination flow!