LED pitch pixel shape square

    LED pitch pixel shape square presentation

    Standard led screen are now part of our everyday life; in the streets, shops, malls and airports. They have strongly established in the urban landscape, they guide and inform us everyday.

    The borders assemble themselves together and form angles that give you the possibility to build a specific shape. They are easy to instal, manipulate and move, and also very time resistant. These display will allow you to expend your creativity, have an original screen and to shine brighter than with a basic flat screen.

    They are extremely soft, can be designed in any sizes and shapes for creative installations.

    Square LED screen display


    The transparent display is designed to let your products do the storytelling. Lightweight structure is not only flexible for display allocation but also ideal for showcasing exquisite high-end luxuries. Your customers can clearly view products through the highly while interacting with the vivid digital information on the outside screen. Plus the built-in speakers, plug-and-play capability, and multimedia connectivity, there is no need for PC purchasing, complex setting and cable hassles. On switching on, you can soon have the product story told in a captivating tone.

    It can exhibited in the Stadium in middle it can display informations or interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations. It can play the advertisement when it is turn on and can decorate the windows when it is turn off. And of course, many other use.

    Hardware and programming adds on

    We have a large amount of piece of program, script and software add-ons that you can pick and use with your LED Screen pitch pixel system.

    Street Communication can make suggestions, depending on what is required for your System to do and we can also create custom software and hardware to support any unique functionality you may be interested in

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